Cerith Wyn Evans, No realm of thought… No field of vision, White Cube Bermondsey, Exhibition walkthrough with sound, 4K (here HD version)

Carlos Bunga

From a Space of Circulation to One of Freedom I

Excerpt from a video performance

Sound: abq

Dancer: Dane Hurst

Commissioned by Whitechapel Gallery, London



Yayoi Kusama, Phantom Polka Dots of Fate, Ordained by Heaven, Were The Greatest Gift Ever For Me, 2021, Courtesy Ota Fine Arts and Victoria Miro, documentation of the installation.

David Rickard, studio visit

Music: abq

Idris Khan, The Seasons Turn, Victoria Miro, London. Exhibition walkthrough with sound by the artist. HD version, 4K version of the film can be watched here.

Sheila Hicks, Music to my Eyes, Alison Jacques Gallery, extract from an exhibition walkthrough.